Friday, July 13, 2012

The CIA is all, if not nothing, but an organization about disinformation.  For this reason you can understand why Oliver Stone is CIA. His films take the viewer through a lexicon of concealment. 
Let's take a look at his masterpiece:
Salvador (1986) 
Most would see this film as Oliver Stone being a leftist apologist for right wing intervention in a banana republic. We feel the shame of our inability to bring our form of justice, truth and honor to the poorest of the poor in our hemisphere.  Lets look a little closer at our cast of characters before deciding. 
Rick Boyle (James Woods) is the "has never been" rebel journalist who plays the good guy. We are supposed to feel for him because he is unemployed and his wife has finally left him. After getting bailed out of jail, he heads to the closest war to make freedom for the little people, Se Senor! Then there is Doctor Rock (James Belushi) the loose canon Videographer who's going to do his best to get them both killed.  Just a couple of misunderstood liberals, or are they what the US backed militia believes?  Commie bastards?! We are left to decipher that one. What this movie shows as so much with Mr. Stone, is that freedom fighters and antagonists of  revolutions are always some how damaged. Casts off from society who are lucky if they make it out alive and of course never having changed the political balance. Got it? Stay home and behave. You’re nothing but a loser when you interfere. Only drunks and misfits challenge the American Way. We will get to more of that later in "Born on the 4th of July."
When you look for dis-information its best to imagine looking at the truth through a mirror. What you see is a reflection of the truth or a reflection of the lie. A positive spin on the negative or vice versa, a negative spin on the positive. The latter is what "The Mighty Mouthpiece" does so well. Always identifying with the person we wished we new but are glad we are not them. In this case they are the downtrodden, the misfits, the car is out of gas guy who won't save the girl. Ah, the heroes of Oliver Stone. Ready to take on the bad guys even knowing they are mere puppets carrying out the killings. 
Teach us to behave Ollie and Mr. Oz will keep us safe.

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  1. Very interesting observations!