Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oliver Stone Is CIA.
By Matthew Dowd

Oliver Stone has made a career out of promoting the CIA's best interests.
 Let's start with his latest bit of propaganda, Savages. Just the name itself is meant to provoke fear of drug lords who prey on society from the jungles of the world. Really? That is the drug business? He would have you believe pole dancers run it. 
 The United States Government estimates that the entire illegal drug profits are $600 Billion dollars at the point of manufacture. That's a lotta cheese to hide under a mattress. Where is this money? Shady drug lords laundering dollar bills like Selma Hayek's character?
Perhaps Mr. Stone would like to make a movie about Wachovia Bank? According to US Justice Department records, one bank alone, Wachovia Bank (now owned by Wells Fargo), laundered $378.3 billion dollars between May 1, 2004 and May 31, 2007 (The Guardian, May 11, 2011). Might The Mighty Mouthpiece like to explore this angle of the drug trade? The crippling punishments to the banking giants you ask? One court's settlement amounted to a fine of $50 million dollars, less than 0.5% of one of the banks (the Wachovia/Wells Fargo bank) $12.3 billion profits for 2009 (The Guardian, May 11, 2011). We need you Mr. Stone, to sort this out! Who might be his star power to play the bankers of the Bush and Obama regimes, including Summers, Paulson, Geithner, Greenspan and Bernacke?
As he cast the macho Josh Brolin to play gay George Bush in "W", who would fit the bill for Gietner? Perhaps Jason Stratham can grow some hair. That's tuff Ollie, but your country needs you to decipher the good from the bad. Step up. We need you to explain money laundering. Help us to understand the banks the way "Wall Street" explained the eighties. Just an ambitious young boy from good blue collar stock manipulated by the well intentioned lone trader, unable to see all the goodness of capitalism he falls to the prey of that one bad apple. His greed makes him walk the walk of shame through the towers of righteousness. I slept better at night knowing that he had been found out. And for the lone wolf? That "Greed is Good" guy? No hair gel in prison buster! Sure the workers are stooges but they're good Americans and that's what makes Wall Street go 'round. Justice is served and your money is safe. That's the cinematic explanation we needed Ollie, not Savages.
Oliver Stone is CIA. Uncovering the Judith Miller of Film

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